Brief, “Reverse Mixing” Semi-Tutorial Video

Adding Dynamics back into a “Brick” waveform .mp3

Reverse Mixing – Putting Dynamics back into “Brick” .mp3’s from AndrewCorbitt | MindOverMatter on Vimeo.


I’ve got a quick video here, my first tutorial, briefly addressing the loudness war and how I found a means to combat it when stuck with an .mp3 mixed to the point of no dynamic return.

A Waveform Image, with transientsMaybe in a future video I can go into more detail of my practices and tricks to achieve a more dynamic mix, but for this one it’s simply an A/B comparison with brief explanations, designed for the fellow audio engineers, mixers, sound designers, etc. that can appreciate the need for dynamics to return to our modern music!

So, truly, thank you for your time! Hope you are entertained. More so, I hope to have been able to convey the subtle differences in the two tracks, and possibly garner a discussion on the topic of modern mp3’s and why louder is not better, etc.

Hit me with comments or questions, I welcome them all.  Please spread the word, Tweet it, Like it, and as always, check back often for updates on other things I’m up to.