Gospel Bluegrass Album in the works…

Yep I typed that right.

Gospel Bluegrass Christmas Album, out mid-Nov. 2014

I am, as of this moment 13 of the 14 songs in to mixing and editing a soon to be pressed and relased Chrismas album for Flower Mound’s Cross Timbers Bluegrass Band.  Yep.  Bluegrass Christmas songs.  It’s been a blast!  We recorded in a day, in the upstairs sound stage for Trietsch’s media productions (where I’m currently the sound guy), knocking out 14 songs in something like 8 hours.  I’ve since been taking the songs, editing down, mixing and tweaking for the past month with a few hours a day here and there.  I’m so excited to have this experience!  Please be sure to check them out and have a listen come next month, mid-November, when the album is slotted to be available.

It will likely be available through their website, crosstimbersband.com, where you can check out their previous album as well right now (and purchase it)!