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Inhuman Video Numero Uno

As Promised… Here’s the first video from “Inhuman” development, completely decked out with all custom audio; music, SFX, ambience, Voice Over… the works!

Thanks to Felix for getting all the footage together and including me on the project!


“Inhuman” – Emma Transformation from AndrewCorbitt | MindOverMatter on Vimeo.

I’m responsible for all the audio in the clip. Original music, SFX, and Voice Over, recorded in ProTools and Logic Pro, implemented through Unreal Engine.

As part of the indie game dev SDE (, and the project “Inhuman,” we created this little mockup of the in-game pivotal point of climax: the protagonist, Emma, is locked into a foreign, alien capsule in which she is then infused with all manner of a nearly-extinct alien race’s biology and cell knowledge. Her internals are instantly bonded to an external skin-suit, like armor, and her every cell, down to the DNA itself, are infused with alien attributes. Hence the title, Inhuman, is about a young girl’s discovery of the new abilities and seemingly limitless potential the suit provides.