Long-Awaited Uploads

I’m happy to announce this week…

Audio Test Banner

New Videos in Sound Design and Composition

Jump on over to the Projects pages for some new videos, that aren’t technically “new,” but the permission to display them in my portfolio is!  They’re a set of two Audio Tests for a game development company.  I was tasked with completing both in 3 days, of which I’m proud to have made the deadline, and more proud of the outcome.  Very stoked with how well they turned out.  Please take a look and tell me what you think!


Mind|over|Matter Sound Design | Audio Test

Watch out for this guy.


The first one is a SFX and Sound Design placement, where the entire video had no sound whatsoever, and I was instructed to add SFX for everything.  Music was optional, and the video really needed something to break between cuts and the action, so I found a period jazz piece from a French singer Edith Piaf, a very popular Jazz and Opera singer from the 40’s, and had her song “Padam Padam” as the BG music for scenes involving the sniper and the opening/end title screen.

More in-depth synopsis and explanation is available with the video and on the Vimeo page.



Mind|over|Matter Composition | Audio Test

Aww, such pretty rolling hills.

The other video was a test for Composition.  This video came with SFX already in place, and required additional music, so I composed the first melody that came to mind when playing the video a couple of times through, and the rest of the piece filled in more and more.  It was awesome writing like this.  I feel like I could do this all day (which consequently, I did) and am really excited to have had the opportunity to create under such circumstances.  I feel like if I just had a few more days though, I could really fill out some of the transitions and mix it a whole lot cleaner, find some more interesting instrumentation, etc.  But, for a day and some change, I’m super happy with it.

If you want to read more about the creation, jump to Vimeo, where I have a larger paragraph of explanation like the SFX video above.