New Theme Track for “Bleak” Game Mod!

Bleak : Mod

I’m glad you’re here.

This track is called “Alone” and is meant to exude that very feeling! The Game Designer for our Mod Team is really on the ball…and sent me a few ideas he’d already composed for themes, ambience, and other soundscapes.  So, “Alone” is actually his title and original idea.  I just tweaked it, used some new synthesis/instrumentation, and tried to sculpt something that would be great for a title screen/loop.

At the time of writing, I wasn’t sure what the end use would be, and the game is incorporating surreal/paranormal elements and disturbing enemies.  So, a little bit of that creepiness and fear of the unknown is in there too, with just a hint of hope in the melody. Enjoy, and lend me some feedback please!