Newest, Oldest, and nothing in between

Throwing down some oldies

Seriously though, they’re not that old.  To me they are, and maybe a handful of family/friends that have heard these all before.  The Set here is a collection of songs I wrote/recorded/mixed etc. from my days in college, before I had any training in audio.  I believe I was still in a band at the time, maybe in between bands… around 2008.  I used primarily ProTools 7 or 8 (can’t remember) to record/mix, at least for acoustic guitar tracks, and Reason 3 for everything else instrumentally.  Loved that program.

I’ve since remixed/mastered a couple of the tunes above, and am looking to get more old ideas rehashed and start composing again.  So, check back often for updates… 🙂


In Other News…

Dieguis Productions

Dieguis Productions


I’m taking an opportunity to compose some sound design/soundscape libraries with Dieguis Productions (pronounced, “dee-ah-gee”) for the next couple of months, and am super excited about it.  We’ve been at it for about a month now, and I have some work to show for it…but need the time to put it up in a post! I’m excited to be given a chance to be creative again, though! Tons of fun already. Here’s a link to Dieguis Productions’ available libraries, where you can preview some of the awesome stuff this project will soon join!


More to come soon.