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Outlaw Clear Up Release Announced!

Outlaw Clear Up: The Higgins Brothers is coming!


Outlaw Clear Up, Free App Download!Coming April 22, 2013 to Google Marketplace/Android mobile OS.

Clean up the town, save the damsel, and have some fun!  “Outlaw” by Lazy Fish Studios is a super action, fast-paced mobile app that I’ve been proud to contribute some original compositions to.

If you’ve been following my updates (I know there are a few of you out there…much love to you all), you know this has been a rollercoaster of a development process.  The team that is now Lazy Fish Studios was originally a LinkedIn group comprised of recent grads/entry-level game designers that desperately needed experience for their portfolios… as we’ve all encountered when looking for work; every company wants someone with experience, but when you’re just starting out you have none, how then can you get hired, etc.

Lazy Fish Studios

Follow @LazyFishStudios on TwitterSo, Elliot Viechweg, Lead Designer and head of Lazy Fish, posted in one of the Game Development forums on LinkedIn calling out to all of us kindred newbies to band together and make a game.  We’ll get our experience our own way, make a game how we want, and have some fun making connections with talented and like-minded individuals from all over the globe.

Ambitious, right?  I know, I couldn’t resist either.

Serving Aces Zombie Hunt & the History up until now…

The first game we were to create was going to be an app titled “Serving Aces Zombie Hunt,” a very well scripted, planned and inspired game where a zombie invasion has devastated your home town, and as a young tennis athlete, you have nothing but your racket and an assortment of elementally infused tennis balls to take out the zombie horde, save your friends, restore balance, and still win the town tennis championship.  Mechanics were to be akin to Angry Birds and I was contributing some music.

Well, ambitions aren’t always enough to run a full team of 20+, located all over, organizing meetings and delegating responsibilities.  The initial game proved to be too much of a task for our start up team, and the project fizzled out over the course of 6 months or so.  Elliot had another game in the works however, one he’d designed and built from the ground up himself, and handpicked a few of us from the team to help him finish it off, and folks we’ve done it!  Outlaw Clear Up is on it’s way at long last.  Website is up, Twitter account is up, and the app will be released on the 22nd.  Life is good!

Elliot has posted a couple of dev diaries on Lazy Fish’s YouTube channel:




Please visit the website and follow us on Twitter for more info, news, updates on the game and be sure to download the app April 22!