Rad iMedia Connection Article on Branding within Gaming

I know. It’s not the most current article, but still super relevant to any of us in or wanting to stay up on the gaming world. I’m posting this because I feel a lot of uncertainty with several niche gaming avenues – just like 3D TV…with the $80 glasses. Seriously? It’s just silly.
For me though, doubts spawn specifically from “social” and/or casual gaming, but perhaps that’s just my preference.  I feel an overall lack of mental stimuli, story, gameplay, innovation, etc. and it makes it hard to recognize facebook games, iphone apps, and the like as a potent medium.  Don’t get me wrong, a lot of little .99c games are tons of fun, but really only as a quick little escape.  Just my opinion.  I’m also posting this story for the doubting Thomas’ (Thomases, Thomasie?) that seem to cross paths with me more often lately, and upon discussion on my choice to devote time/efforts to sound design for such a medium as video games. Enough of my ranting though; more on that some other time.
As for the article; within it there is a lot of informative stuff, especially recent stats and demographic reports. The stats alone, on the first page of this article, certainly put all doubts of societal relevance to rest! Plus, instances of product placement of the big 5 brands involved throughout gaming history is actually interesting.  I never pay attention to name brands in games, but they’ve been around for a long time.  Check it out!