Still Truckin’

Dieguis Productions & Bleak : Mod

Hello friends.

This is a simple post to say thank you…and provide updates…

…To all who visit here, and support my dream of making sound the best ways that I can.  I am so thankful.  I am also staying quite busy, so that is good!   Of late, I’m working hard to finish up the Industrial/Electronic album with Dieguis Productions (you’ll find links all over the site for them) and continuing work with the Bleak HL2 Mod.  Both are nearing completion in the coming weeks, so I should have some great stuff when all of the little things are tidied up.  Check back when you can around the end of the month for more info on those fronts!

Also, I’ve been blessed with an opportunity to create a new Composition and Sound Design for an application to a game development company in Chicago.  Once I hear back on the fruit of those labors (and if I am granted permission to post the videos), you’ll find them here, of course!  It was a 3 day deadline, and man, am I proud of what I accomplished in that little window of time.  Can’t wait to hear what you all think too.

Until then,  keep a look out for new stuff and please hit me with feedback on anything you deem worthy of it!



P.S. You’re welcome for the cute happy pic for today… I call him Winky.