Gameacon 2017 + Tournament Vid

Two new projects on display @ Gameacon 2017

Been working with the Shadow Demon Entertainment team for a few years now, and proud to have contributed to 2 projects being displayed for Gameacon 2017 in Atlantic City, NJ!

The first, our fully dedicated IP “Forbidden” project is coming along nicely! With an all-new, fully playable demo completed and on display, we’ve been receiving great feedback and acclaim over the course of the con’!  We also have a new addition called “Edible Pugilism” featuring a slew of culinary staples battling to the death amongst a myriad of stages, like a wedding reception, backyard BBQ and a school cafeteria!  More to come as we near completion, but we’re currently expecting a release on Steam by summer, 2018.

The guys even put together a little championship tourney amongst the regulars that stopped by the booth, and filmed their final round:


We’ll have some game footage from both coming soon, and more updates as we move forward with the next steps to get these games released!


Keep it classy,


Winner Winner...

Winner Winner