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Sound Design Reels content was all made using Reaper to record and edit original material or manipulate commercially available samples, with various plugins to synthesize and create original sfx.

Resume/CV, references and full portfolio available upon request.

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Sound Design


Orchestral/Jazzy/Hybrid Compositions



Industrial/Dark/Hybrid Electronic Themes

Audio Engineering

Vocal Recordings

"The Shaming of the True" Special Edition 2-Disc Set

Available at

Spoken Word Recording Project, "The Shaming of the True," 2012

I was blessed to be awarded the opportunity while interning at Fantasy Studios to assist legendary Bay Area engineer/producer John Cuniberti (the mind behind Re-Amp and lots of awesome albums), and recorded his project of an entirely spoken-word album version of the cult-classic prog-rock opera, The Shaming Of The True, by the late Kevin Gilbert.

We used a simple VO setup: classic U87, run through John’s favorite Focusrite Red 3 compressor and then into Pro Tools. The vocal talent, Jamie DeWolf (who is also a performer, writer and director), was phenomenal! So dynamic. Besides this spoken recording, directing and performing his material, he also hosts the acclaimed Oakland variety show Tourettes Without Regrets.

A powerful video of one of Jamie’s performances:
Youtube: Jamie DeWolf Slam Poetry Performance

"The Holdup" EP by Drop Apollo, San Francisco, CA

Available on iTunes

Vocal and Backing Vocal Recording Session, "The Holdup," 2012

Another invaluable experience while at Fantasy (on my last day, no less) was being called in to track vocals with San Francisco-based outfit Drop Apollo. HUGE thanks to Adam Muñoz and Jeffrey Wood for the opportunity. Drop Apollo were a blast to work with! Cool sound, great talent, and still somehow all really down-to-earth guys. Please go check them out!

“The Holdup” on iTunes

By the time I joined the session, they’d already laid most of the instrumentation. We tracked vocals, backup vocals, and joked together for hours…to my wife’s dismay, practically all night.  Good times!


Band & Instrumental Recordings

"Waltzing Mephisto - by the Danube" by Hando Nahkur

Solo Piano Mixing Sessions, "Waltzing Mephisto - by the Danube," 2014

His name is Hando Nahkur, and he’s easily one of the most talented pianists I’ve ever met. Couldn’t be a nicer guy to work with too.

Our projects included several tracks on this album, mostly small EQ/mastering enhancements, as well as more intense editing, mixing, effecting and mastering on a Christmas album and some other recordings. Some of the tracks we have worked on were recorded at SMU’s famed Caruth Hall where many artists have performed/recorded over the years as students, faculty and even professional acts.

Check out the “Waltzing Mephisto – By the Danube” here:

"A Cross Timbers Christmas" by Cross Timbers Bluegrass Band

Full Album Recording, Mixing and Mastering: "A Cross Timbers Christmas" 2014

So…Let’s talk about gospel bluegrass.  Over the years I’ve mixed these guys (my father is the banjo player) countless times for their live performances. They have a classic sound and are in high demand, performing around the North Texas gospel circuit.

For this project, we recorded in a day, knocking out 14 songs in something like 8 hours. The following couple of weeks I took the songs home, edited them down, mixed and mastered for a few hours a day and what do you know!? Boom.  My first fully engineered and produced album credit, completed from start to finish.

More info on the album and all their other escapades at

"Untitled" Album - yet to be released by Fantasma, Dallas, Tx.

More info at

Full Album Recording, Stem Editing: "Untitled" Album. 2014

Space Rock group from Dallas, Tx, Fantasma is at once unique and intriguing. I couldn’t wait to get their eclectic mix of ballistic drums, big guitars and heavy synths tracked and recorded.

For a modern rock sound, we recorded each instrument separately starting with drums, then bass and guitars, with vocals last. Over the course of several weeks we got the tracking days in, around 20-30 hours, with all kinds of experimentation from church bell harmonies to group chorus vocals with everyone in the room taking part at once.

It was a blast! Can’t wait to hear what they end up with once it’s mixed and mastered.

In the meantime, you can find their previous album available on ReverbNation here: Fantasma Songs.

"Big White Moon" by Brass Monkey Band

Available on Bandcamp

Full Band Mix, "Old Smoke," 2011

A project for a good friend and ridiculously talented musician, Jordan Klatt, asked me to mix a track from the EP of his band, The Brass Monkey Band. The EP is called “Big White Moon,” and I chose “Old Smoke,” mostly because of the catchy instrumentation and chorus. I love the accordion, and am a sucker for finger pickin’ banjo. Jordan got some great sounds on this EP, especially for recording entirely in an empty house with 4 or 5 microphones! Truly old school mentality in order to capture the band’s live feel.

Make sure and pick up a copy of the Big White Moon EP and support The Brass Monkey Band!

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Andrew Corbitt

clicky-clack foley in the studio

Sound Designer, Composer, Integration Specialist

I am a Sound Designer, Composer, Recording & Mixing Engineer, and Game Audio Integration Specialist with a diverse history of experience in professional audio. I enjoy tinkering primarily in Reaper, and for game engines – Unreal and Unity.  I am experienced in Wwise, Master Audio, Fabric, and Miles for projects utilizing Audio Middleware. I use all manner of mics for recording, everything from studio standards to live sound to field mics and gear.

I’ve earned my BA from the University of North Texas in 2010, my Audio Engineering diploma from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in 2011, and was previously employed at the world-renowned recording facility Fantasy Studios, in Berkeley, CA.

Please check out my cred’s to the right and thank you for checking out my stuff!

Currently Employed (02/2018-Present):

Sound Designer II at KingsIsle Entertainment?, Round Rock (just North of Austin), Tx.

Previous Independent Contractor (2012-2017):

Sound Design and Composer for Shadow Demon Entertainment, Unity VR Educational Project, “Titan” Composition & Sample Library.

Audio Middleware & Game Engines:

Wwise, FMOD, MasterAudio, Miles, Fabric, Unity, Unreal Engine & Gamebryo.

DAWs & Plugins:

Reaper, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, SoundForge, Kontakt, Reason, Soundtoys, iZotope, Zynaptiq, UA, Waves, and too many more to list without boring you to death!

Game Development Essentials:

Jira, Subversion, Perforce, AlienBrain, Teams, Discord, Excel, Word & Outlook.

Core Audio Background:

Pro Studio Recording, Foley and Surround Mixing, Field recording, Live Sound Engineering (Large Venue, Club & Theater), Analog “old school” training and knowledge.

Musical Training:

Piano, Horns, Guitars and drums in my rock band days leading to modern hybrid symphony orchestra compositions.

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