Sound Bits

4 New Demo Tracks for Food Fighting Game (in Production)

Get ‘yer Grub On!

These songs are still a work-in-progress, purely designed to loop seamlesssly within the game, Edible Pugilism. Each stage is designed to be specific eateries, cafes, restaurants, even a backyard barbeque, in which the players choose their respective food “character” and fight to the bitter end!

I co-wrote the title track with Jeremy English, creator of the game. The remaining tunes were composed from scratch to mimic genres/instrumentation we thought might evoke the feeling of each stage/setting. For instance, the Wedding Reception Stage takes place around the wedding cake, symbolizing the sanctity and unity of marriage… but we also wanted to make it a little dark! After all, this is a battle to the death for your little food characters. Backwater BBQ was a combination of Allman Brothers meets Mastodon meets Bluegrass, and so forth.

The current anticipated release date will be next summer, May 2018. More to come as we near completion!

Updates will also be posted to Shadow Demon Entertainment’s Facebook and website.