Wabi Sabi Awesomeness

Creating Bone Chilling Video Game Monster Sounds

Kudos to these guys!  If you’ve seen my demo reel, you’ll recognize the Dead Space 2 homage.  Love that game.

But, I digress… 

This doc is a quick little look into how much work is put into creatures and sounds for games that otherwise don’t exist!  This particular studio, Wabi Sabi Sound, is in Berkeley, CA (my former stomping grounds), and is very good at what they do.  You know it if you’ve ever played Dead Space!  Some of the most interesting creature sounds I’ve had the pleasure of being scared to death of.  For me, designing sounds for sci-fi or fantastical creatures/environments/weapons/etc. is definitely the joy of the sound design creation process, and I’m so glad to have found a quick, true-to-form example in this doc.  Remember the creatures from the Mass Effect series?  Or Doom3?  Pretty insane things to come up with sounds for.  Way to go Wabi Sabi!