Hello world!

Welcome to Mindovermattersound.com!
I’m so stoked to have this up and running, at last. Tell your friends. Heck, tell your enemies. At this time (and really, always) I’ll accept any and all.  This site has been in progress since the beginning of May.  Thank God for everything, and in this site’s case, especially for WordPress!

I’ll be attempting to continually upload my work/projects/updates and such here, so if you’re a follower of my other social feeds, please check here first! And, what’s really cool; your messages and posts here at mindovermattersound.com will go directly to my mailbox/iphone.  Hooray technology!  AND, you can forward anything you like to facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest, etc…

Basically, anywhere you’ve got a profile of some sort.

Finally, for those that care, I’m looking for feedback, AS USUAL… and would love to hear what you think of the site. Seriously, don’t hold back.  I need to know anything you catch that I might’ve missed, overlooked or ignored.  This thing looks really small and simple, but it took a looooooong time to create and design.  I’d hate for little bugs to pop up and ruin everything.

Thanks for reading, responding, and whatever else you’re doing at this moment.  I’m off to bed.